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This is Friendica, version 2024.03 that is running at the web location The database version is 1557/1557, the post update version is 1550/1550.

Please visit to learn more about the Friendica project.

Bug reports and issues: please visit the bugtracker at github

Suggestions, praise, etc. - please email "info" at "friendi - dot - ca

Installed addons/apps:

catavatar, fancybox, infiniteimprobabilitydrive, js_upload, nitter, notifyall, nsfw, pageheader, phpmailer, qcomment, showmore, smiley_pack, smileybutton, statusnet

Read about the Terms of Service of this node.

On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block Rasist propaganda, Nazi symbolics, procapitalist manipulation. Senseless gore, cryptonazi Rasist propaganda, procapitalist manipulation. Rasist propaganda, procapitalist manipulation. Racist propaganda. Obnoxious Infamous TERFing Aggressive, not funny, not informative. Intentional casual misgendering Agressive racust edgelording. Siloviks not welcome here. Siloviks not welcome here. Propaganda partyjno-państwowa Content scraping. Request bombing, nazi symbols on display. sue me fork bomb Meta, Instagram, FB
* spam instances spam instances spam instance

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